Friday, September 23, 2011

LIVE: Bye Italy

Ciao Italiano.
Selamat tinggal Italy.

Overall-Local ppl kasar.muak dh with pasta.hidup xrushing,rilek n steady.historic.rome n venice great,other place moreless same.

Lelaki italiano hensem2 macho.
Pompuan, yg muda kurus2 yg tua gemok rambut curly hahaha

Rome byk org gemok2. Historic city.

Milan sinonim with fashion. Stylo

Florence, only attraction is the display of the open air monuments.

Pisa, managed to visit Tower Pisa by own at night.. Superb architecture of old Pisa Town.

Venice too crowded. Laut buat feel romantik naik. Canal a bit kotor. What do u expect when living in an island like that.. Canal is somehow their sewerage..

Good and great experience.

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