Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To My Loving Prebetsabu on His Birthday...29 May 2012

My Diaries B,

Is there a besday message in this world that could include all my feelings in two lines? 

There never was and there never will be....errrmm i think so...sbb v dh mls pk lg dah nk pk suprise kat b nih ingat senang ke..hehe. That's why I simply want to close my eyes and tie in all the wishes of my heart in two simple beautiful words....Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday for the hensem-est, macho-nest, smartest, buncitest, suke ngaju-est and best-est husband in the world, no gift could ever compare to a prayer i made of thankfulness and happiness i made to Allah today. I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday my dear husband. 

besday boy smiling in front of our breakie..."breakfast in bed" patutnya @ Golden Plam Tree

Yesss Happy Birthday. 

B, beside the birthday message i also don’t know what's the best gift that i could give you on your Birthday today? 

A perfect kiss? 
A loving hug? 
A few buckets of love? 

Even all of this put together as your Birthday gift wouldn't be enough, because you are so dear to me and i feel very blessed to have you in my life...to live every day with you by my side. I never thought i could love someone as much as I love you B...Indeed!! Through good times and bad, life will never be the same, and i thank you for letting me see life through my eyes as your wife and i really really really hope that you’ll like it and enjoy this because i just do all of this because of you...just a humble treats from me definitely for you.

Dictionary: ngaju = merajuk (suke ngaju-est) dari kamus bahasa kelantan...hiksss

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2 Comments Uols:

~Beb~ said...

Haaa ctk kn GPT. And byk xtvt.. Love it!

Semoga kalian berbahagia hingga akhir hayat.. :)

mummysya said...

Happy Besday Babe

Happy sangat tgk korang happy...Kiss kiss utk Damia


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