Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I don't Wanna Be Anybody

This is a copy paste from my personal fb
This is my original discharges that come from my truly heart....from deep of my heart

I don't wanna be anybody...not my favvy artist looks like or not a daughter of a millionaire too...I just wanna be MYSELF...just myself..yes myself an ordinary person yet not a perfect human that can do a mistake anytime but I wanna learn from my mistake and I'm too busy to manage myself, my love one n my family, I don't hv time to catch others life but even I've much time also I don't wanna know about your life but then why u r so free to bother my life. FYI, nothing special about my life at all.Huhhhh I'm tired n I really pissed off...pls go away from my life...pls!

I'm typing this while my eyes are watery.......typing through my tears

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Peace No War dear!!!!