Sunday, January 10, 2010

LIVE: Mati kutu!

Keje dh settle..
Now dh xtau mana hala nak tuju..

Otw balik hotel marco polo ni td tnya drebar teksi tu
Kat tawau ni apa tourist attraction

Drebar tu kata tawau ni xde apa...
Org ramai g pulau2 kat sipadan nuu..

Marco polo ni bersebelahan je ngn psr pilipino..
Dh ronda dh xde apa yg menambat kalbu..

Wah.. Bosan ni..
Jalan kaki je la tgk2 gelagat manusia..

*paling tidak, jap lg kang roger2 je client mtk dia bwk aku jenjalan best gak hahaa

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2 Comments Uols:

Eric said...

Good evening and a happy new year!

I'm actually actively seeking for a client of mine for bloggers (higher weightage on Male bloggers)and I stumbled onto your blog.

Hence I decided to email and see if your kindself will be keen on doing an advertorial for my client.

Do let me know and hope to hear from you soon!

Also, do let me know of your unique visitors/page views per day cos' the rates are very dependent on those stats.

Eric Yong

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CathJ said...

Amboi... ada org offer ads kat atas tu haaaa....

Caya tak?? aku pun tak pernah sampai Tawau (Nama je org Sabah.. ;-p)... memang org gi Tawau coz nak gi sipadan... ala dah sampai situ... gi je lah... ambik photo.. ^_^


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