Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Complaint email to Perodua

So seperti yang aku dah bgtau dalam entry pagi tadi, if entry ni dah dipublish 1230pm ni, maknanya aku masih belum terima sebarang reply from the complaint email that i sent yesterday, not an email reply saying they regret and will investigate the matter etc etc or a single phone call saying sorry etc etc..

UPDATE: I did actually received a phone call from Perodua's Customer Care representative following up with my case at 0900hrs this morning. She did say sorry on behalf of Perodua and said will take this case for further action. I did hilight to her again on the built quality of the petrol tank dan bagaimana mudahnya tank tu untuk bocor. Hope they will reconsider my case and perhaps straight away contra my payments made and give the tank under warranty claim? For sure Ill be visiting their sc soon to rectify bout my power window failure. Appreciate they do take serious of any complaints by making a direct phone call to their customers early in the morning. Compliments for your Customer Care dept.Will wait for further respond from Perodua.

Ada yang dah tau kot from facebook aku and masviona that weols had a nightmare with Merpati Putih.
Pengalaman yang sangat kurang indah yang diterima dari Pusat Servis sewaktu nak repair si Merpati Putih.

Kisah ringkas, entah camna tetiba masa aku tengah bawak kete tu tetiba ada beberapa mamat moto hon2 aku.. pastu dia tunjuk2 kat bahagian belakang kete tu..
aku saspek tayar bocor aku tak perasan ke.. so cari tempat clear sikit n benti tepi jalan..
rupanya... mak aiiihhh.... ada minyak bocor..
err.. bocor tu macam kurang impak plak perkataan tu.. sbb bukan bocor.. tapi minyak tu dah bersembur keluar macam air paip!
mujur la takde spark or punca api.. kalau tak mau retung dah kete tu!

so aku pun terus panggil tow truck n hantar ke pusat service..
alah.. korang baca je lah email yg aku sent kepada perodua thru web dia ni..

moga menjadi pengajaran buat kita especially aku lah sbb dapat kete yang "lemon" dari perodua..
orang lain pakai myvi ok je, kene kat aku tank bocor, servis mcm hampeh pastu skrg tingkap power window lak prob! haaii.. baru 5 hari kot umur si merpati tu!!!!

nah ni email aku aku bg kat perodua (kikiki ini bukan sesi karangan bahasa inggeris ek.. kalau ada salah grammar tu korang wat2 tak nampak je and wat2 paham je la hahaha)


i would like to express my disappointment with my experience of owning a 5 DAYS OLD brand new Myvi SE. This would be a very long "story-telling" email, but i appreciate your time to expedite the issues raised in this complaint to any relevant dept or yours

I have a very pleasant experience while making the purchase, thanks to Mr Fadzill from Putrajaya branch. He does keep his promises and gave me a good treatment even went to my house for the documentations etc and even offer me to deliver the car at my door step!

However, that sweet experience vanished starting from yesterday. These are the chronicles:

18 October 2010

0800hrs. As I’m driving on my way to my office, suddenly a few motorcyclists starting to honk and pointing at the back of my car.

I stopped my car at the road side to have a quick inspection. At first I thought maybe I didn’t aware of tire puncture etc. But as soon as I stepped out from the car, I could smell a strong stench of petrol. I took a look at all my tires, and all were in good condition. Then I realized there’s some sort of water/liquid flowing from the bottom of the car. When i take a peek beneath, I was shocked that I could actually see the petrol spurting from beneath which I think it’s from the fuel tank. I was so lucky it didn’t caught on fire!

I immediately called Perodua Smart Assist to tow my car to service center.

1000hrs. The tow truck came and towed the car to ABC branch as requested by me.

1100hrs. Arrived at Perodua ABC and attended by Service Advisor. Asked him to replace the punctured tank and do the 1st service (although the mileage is just 700+km, but to cut the time to revisit SC for service, then I asked him to do the 1st service as well, and he said ok no problem). He keyed in the service particulars and gave me the service slip, and he told me that i can collect my car the following day (19 oct 2010) around 2pm, but he jog down at the slip - 19 oct 2010 1230pm 

19 october 2010
0930hrs. Called ABC to ask about the status of my car. A female officer answered my call, asked my car registration's number and promised me to that someone from the service department will call me to update about my car's status.

1230hrs. Still didn’t received any calls from service department representative. I tried to call the SC again, but with no one answered the call. Decided to go to the SC to collect my car as I assumed the car should be ready as promised yesterday by the Service Advisor.

1400hrs. Arrived at SC ABC. Straight away to the payment counter and present my service slip to pay and collect the car. Was surprised by the answer from the cashier that my car werent ready yet.

Talked to Mr. X (Service exec) and he told me he did called me but I didn’t pick up the phone, but I really didn’t received any missed call from any number during 0930hrs till the exact time he told me this. And he told that they just ordered the part yesterday evening and the part just arrived this noon. (Remember, i sent my car and the SA keyed in my service details around 1100+hrs, how come the tank only ordered in the evening whereas they should know that my car should be ready by this afternoon). He told me that the SA that took my service details were on training/leave today so he didnt know whether the SA did put my order as high priority or not (which for me it is PERODUA's INTERNAL PROBLEM, not me as customer to care about. All i want is to collect my serviced and rectified car). He told me that they did the 1st service yesterday, and now just waiting for the tank to be installed, and told me that i could collect the car by 1700hrs coz they need some time to install the tanks as they need to sela the tank and let it dry bla bla etc etc.

I’ve came to the SC in rush hour, during my working hour, only to know that my car wasnt ready and have to come again in the evening to collect?

I asked them to deliver my car to my office at Jln Syed Putra, KL once the tank has been installed. Mr X told me he has to consult with his manager first.

Shortly after that, his manager came down n talked to us (i came there with my wife as i need another transport to sent me to the sc).  we were introduced to Mr Y. Unfortunately, Mr Y said that they cant deliver the car to my office as my office is far and outside of their radius. he afraid if anything happen to my car during the delivery he cant hold any responsible. Ok, i can accept the excuse.

He did suggested to me that he can provide a courtesy car for me to drive back to my office, then i can came back to the sc at my convenient time after office hour to collect the car and they'll wait for me. But that’s useless for me as i have to waste my traveling time.

As last resort, he promised me that my car should be ready by 1530hrs as he instructed a few technicians to install the tanks right away. (doesn’t it contrast with Mr X’s explanations as he told me that it would took some time to let the “seal” dry, but now?)

Still, as this is the only practical solution, so we agreed to wait for another hour.

As they were installing the tank, to my surprise, i saw 1 of their technician were doing the engine oil draining as if the car were not serviced like were told by Mr X earlier, the car was serviced yesterday evening. I even saw them bringing in the engine oil filter. Then I asked Mr X, and he told me that the technician didnt know that the car was serviced yesterday as he refer to the service sheet and it was another tech guy that serviced my car yesterday. I was puzzled, didnt know whether its the actual reason or just another excuse to prevent me from getting angrier.

1530hrs. They finished install and hand over my car key as they promised. Paid RM470+ for the tank and 1st service.

What I want to highlight in my story here is my disappointment of the after sales and service quality brought by your branch, not even a dealer. And im disappointed with the built quality of the petrol tank as I still couldn’t figure out what how the tank were punctured while im driving and the hole is big! This is a serious safety issue, and I cant claim for warranty as they told me its not a factory defects as they describe to me  “something sharp must have stab the tank”. And I really thank to those motorcyclists who pin point me about the leakage; else, maybe my brand new car will be in the 1st page of today’s front page – Brand New Myvi On Fire.

This is not my first car, but its my first Perodua, and just in 5 days owning it, i faced this nightmare with your service center. If you digest my chronology, you could actually see theres some twisting and bending of facts by your service center and trying to give excuses to customer!
Not to compare to any brands but for 6 years ive owned other brands before and i have not yet encountered this EXCUESES BY EXCUSES, STUPID, WASTING CUSTOMER'S TIME and HUSTLE PROBLEM CAUSED BY YOUR OWN INTERNAL PROBLEM before.

And to add to my frustration, it looks like i have to revisit your service center again to file another complaint - and this time it’s a factory defect! I just realised that when i wind down my back passenger's side window, i cant wind it up! its stuck! for a 5 DAYS car and theres a power window problem? i tought the famous "power window problem" is "exlusively" for PROTON's???

I'll bring my car to your SC soon (didn’t decide which SC yet) and hope i won’t face any unwanted problems anymore.

Again, i should stress that i am really REALLY really disappointed with you, PERODUA.

This email will probably be published and shared at my own blog www.masviona.com .Hope Perodua will try your best to give a better after service experience and excellent quality of your product to other customers.

There's probably hundreds of thousands of happy Perodua owners with 0 complaints against your service satisfaction and product quality, but apparently, I’m not one of them!
I will be available by phone if any further clarifications needed.

* for the time being, biar lah kita tulis sbg Mr X, Mr Y and branch ABC.

** i did forgot to mention in the email, the manager did gave us complimentary tshirt and alarm clock (i didnt check bebetul lagi, nampak mcm alarm clock).
hah punyalah panjang berjela email luahan hati aku kan?
nanti if ada reply from peodua, aku kasik share sini jugak.


*hehehehe the good point is, akhirnya korang tau la ek apa spesis kereta Merpati Putih tu!

UPDATE 1550HRS: Branch ABC dah call. dan meminta maaf (semalam pun dorang dah minta maaf.. ;) )
berkenaan isu 1st service, memang dorang dah buat servis tu on 18 oct.. masa 19 oct tu, katanya foreman tu tersilap igtkan belum buat lagi.

Berkenaan ngn tank, mmg bukan factory defect (tak pernah lak aku argue pasal ni.. mmg bukan factory defect pun) tapi aku argue, selamatkah sebenarnya tank tu? tetiba kita tgh bawak boleh bocor disebabkan bende asing yg kita tatau apa punca? adakah kedudukan tank tu sebenarnya dijamin selamat? adakah kemungkinan masalah tank bocor ni boleh berlaku lagi kat aku and aku kene beli lagi tank baru? dia akan forward bende ni kat rnd.. as katanya ni first time terjadi.

berkenaan power window, dia mitnak datang ke sc utk check.. adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. ok lah nak wat camna.. dah dapat kete yang keadaan nya pelik kan?

MV ~~Green Around The World~~ PS ~AD

14 Comments Uols:

Marlia said...

what 5 days old kena bayar sendiri bila tukar tangki?aku yang hangin plak...

tapi PERODUA ke PROTON ke sama je . SA cuma nak sales, lepas tu padah yang di terima suma kita.

Facing same problem with Proton. Baru pakai 2 hari gear 5 susah nak masuk. Pergi branch jumpa SA.. dia suruh kita servis. ADO?

Hish so is that our fault for not trusting our own brand? LOL

Masviona said...


betul tuh...hari nih lak mslh power window failure plak...sbb tuh ler saya mls nk support our own brand sbb sy dah selesa dh before this pkai brand honda n mitsubishi tetiba baik hati nk support jd camni plak...huhuhu

A lady with 2 Putra's In Life... said...

sori nak sampuk..

maybe it is not your luck.. biasalah kereta2 dibuat dgn mesin yg dicontrol oleh manusia.. kdg2 dlm alpa mcm mengantuk ke or whatsoever mcm2 bole jadi.. so yg defect car ni dpt kat u.. i believe in this.. so far, my merpati putih served me well.. sgt2 excellent! proton is yes.. mmg terkenal dgn power window problem.. but to tell u the truth.. i bought luxurious brand of car n it turned me like wht u have gone thru with your merpati putih.. so for me.. sama je.. luck n no luck! that's all.. peace! or i mmg sesuwai pakai local brand kot.. hehehe

Masviona said...

a lady wth 2 putra's in life,
yes i mmg akui maybe it is not my luck...i boleh accept tuh

but apa yg membuatkan i sakit hati n geram as a customer....is their aftr sale service...u know what i mean (i hope u read that email smpai hbs)

masalah kat sini adalah nape dia nk menyusahkan customer kita dah smpai sana baru nk ckp kete kita xsiap lagi padahal pg tuh my hubby dh call patutnya dia punya responsibility utk call customer if diorg xleh nk fullfil depanye promosi...rite

pastu dok dolak dalih citer internal pro depa yg sepatutnya customer xyah tau...apa salahnya klu dh tau mmg salah dr pihak sndrik just mintak maaf n cari solution

**tp kami masih waras....xde aksi2 ganas n jugak tegang leher kami masih menggunakan budi bicara n bahasa yg berhemah gitu...:)

Suziey Ahmad said...

umangaih..dastnya mcm air paip xtutup..aku sokong ngn a lady wth 2 putra tu..tp ape pun..ko pn betul jgk..fight for the right..cuba direct ke bos PR dia..klu tru CSC ni lmbt la..byk sgt prosedur dia..highlight kan yg defect dorang tu membahayakan nyawa ko..ye la..klu dh minyak tersembur mcm air..ape kes..klu dibuatnya ade plak sumber api..mau trus meletop wooo...so...go for it..berjuang demi hakkkkk...dont simply accept their appology

prebetsabu said...

mari kita kasik summary rentetan email tu..

apa yg kita cuba nak hilight dari insiden yg menipa tu is:-

1- kenapa boleh bocor tangki tu, even dia bukan factory defect pun, tapi napa macam senang je tangki tu nak bocor? kalau dia kata mungkin kene besi/batu etc, tapi napa tangki tu sng nak kene bende2 camtu ke? napa takde safety precautions ke from road hazard? tangki kot.. bende penting tu.

2- perkhidmatan service center yang menyakitkan hati. kita penat2 dah sampai sana alih2 dia kata kete tak siap lagi, soh mai amik dalam kol 5pm. pastu kita argue itu ini itu ini secara magiknya, tetiba kata kete tu leh siap dalam sejam lagi.. padahal sebelum tu kata lama proses nak pasang tank tu kene bubuh seal, biar seal kering etc.

3- pengurusan sc yg terlibat perlu diperbaiki. ungkin kes yg kene kat kitorang ni kes terpencil, tapi kalau dibiarkan, mungkin jugak ada org lain yg akan terkene jugak? please la inform la customer tu kalau ada masalah.. kita dah hantar kete tu sebelum tghari hari sebelumnya, tapi mengapa petang baru masuk order??

4- memula service exec kata kete tu dah siap servis.. tapi tup tup masa pasng tank, tgk dorang macam baru nak buang minyak itam n pasang oil filter.. eh kata dah service semalam?

5- sekarang ni power window belakang sebelah kiri dah kong.. turun bole, naik takleh kene angkat ngn tangan baru dia folo naik.. eh.. ni kete 18tahun ke or seminggu umurnya?

6- belum lagi aku masuk kes kene troubleshoot masalah rattling sini sana kat kete tu.. macam zoo bunyi gegar sana sini.. no plate blkg aku kene bubuh ddouble sided tape kat bahagian bawah.. kalau tak, mak aihh gegar mcm apa.

so perodua, mana kualiti produk and servis yg tiptop?

Rizziela said...

Macam manalah kita nak sokong keluaran Malaysia kalau hasilnya macam ni..

5 hari ajer..bukan 5 bulan..bukan 5 tahun.....

prebetsabu said...

UPDATE 1550HRS: Branch ABC dah call. dan meminta maaf (semalam pun dorang dah minta maaf.. ;) )

berkenaan isu 1st service, memang dorang dah buat servis tu on 18 oct.. masa 19 oct tu, katanya foreman tu tersilap igtkan belum buat lagi.

Berkenaan ngn tank, mmg bukan factory defect (tak pernah lak aku argue pasal ni.. mmg bukan factory defect pun) tapi aku argue, selamatkah sebenarnya tank tu? tetiba kita tgh bawak boleh bocor disebabkan bende asing yg kita tatau apa punca? adakah kedudukan tank tu sebenarnya dijamin selamat? adakah kemungkinan masalah tank bocor ni boleh berlaku lagi kat aku and aku kene beli lagi tank baru? dia akan forward bende ni kat rnd.. as katanya ni first time terjadi.

berkenaan power window, dia mitnak datang ke sc utk check.. adoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. ok lah nak wat camna.. dah dapat kete yang keadaan nya pelik kan?

Nashrul Sabri said...

Nasib baik Madam A dalam keadaan tip top.. Kihkihkih...

Dee said...

u r 1 of the unlucky customerlah bro..mcm my fren k tina tu..kete naza bestari engine peugeot dia tu suka mati2 bila slow down..sama je..konon nk tubuh team sbb x penah dorang hadapi masalah tu..smpi skrg hampeh..

i rasa sbb tu my hubby x nak beli local cars..sbb mcm ni lah..kedaan kereta x berkualiti tinggi dan aftersales service teruk..

prebetsabu said...

dee, dorang dah janji bg masa sehingga 3 hari utk dia refer kes tu pada rnd..

kalau depa wat senyap, kita tak teragak2 wat tuntutan pada tribunal pengguna n perpanjangkan kes ni lebih besar lagi.

bila dipikir2kan, ini soal safety!
kalau bende ni leh terjadi once, apa jaminan bende ni takkan terjadi lagi? camna if time tu masviona yg drive then suddenly bocor and takde org sedar? worst case, sampai terbakar siapa mau jaawap??

tiada toleransi.. thats y kita publish bende ni kat blog n some other forum supaya mata leh terbukak sikit.

PutraRocker said...

myviagra hitam gua baru genap sebulan maseh lagi waras..

cuak gak pasal tank tu..gelo pro2!!

My journey.. said...

salam masviona..
now i also having difficulties with SC perodua.. :( while we send the car to service, the agent go to test drive and caused accident. worse is the drive dunt have license. please help me to provide email addres yang u send to perodua previously. SC nk kautim aku aku raser cam x berbaloi ajer.. please.. if tanak publish kat sini, please provide kat email:izza_azhar@yahoo.com.
**btol2 perlukan pertolongan nih.. :(

prebetsabu said...

Hai izza

Pergghhh ur situation is much worst then us!

Frankly, rill now our complaint has been swiped under the carpet! They've blaimed it to the service advisor who entertainted my case in d first place.. Pitty him. They said they'll conduct an investigation to find the root cause of the leaking, but now all went quiet and I don't have the time to make a follow up.

Urs is more seriuos case, and u might even sue them in court! Its for ur benefits and public's too.

Regrding the email, if I recall, I just send the complaint email thru their website, and the next day the hq call centre called me to verify.

I'm not in front of my computer now, so I can't confirm u the exact email addrs. But if u hv d luxury to browse to perodua's website I'm sure ull find the contact us menu.

Do keep us updated of ur case, please. Tq


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