Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Naza Cruise Body Parts For SALE!!

some parts of naza cruise aka hyosung gv250 mirage aquila avitar to letgo-

1- set of back shock absorber

2- chrome fork cover

3- chrome chain cover

4- set of brake light (fender yg dah kene potong tu leh amik free....)

5- Born to be wild - number plate frame

6- set of back signal lights with plate mounting bracket (number plate frame sold seperately ye)

7- ini barang taktau nama dia.. cover chrome kat fender belakang..

8- set of front signal lights
(gambo takde... masih ada kat bengkel)

9- pillion seat
(gambo pun takde.. lupa nak snap)

10 rider seat sold to mr chinok

offer me ur best price.. just wanna let it go.. doesn't use it anymore.good condition,minor scratches, used for 4 months. Interested can email to prebetsabu@yahoo.com

MV ~~Green Around The World~~ PS ~AD

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El-Zaffril said...

Wah... camni nak bisnes gak la


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