Friday, October 29, 2010

Negeri Sembilan vs Kelantan

Acu terai demo oyak bui maghi demo nok sokong alik mano?
alik klate ko? alik negeri sombilan?

Kawe ni oghe Minang Kabau tapi buke oghe negeri sembile..
tapi bukan juga orang kelantan..

aahhh.. guano?

tapi kawe amak beharak mugo klate bene!!

go more klate!!!

MV ~~Green Around The World~~ PS ~AD

3 Comments Uols:

Hezesuze said...

weols sokong pihak yang menang bleh hehehe

Dwen Ujang said...

This is a much belated comments on this issue. . . .

I tengok Kelantan main kasar dan tak de semangat kesukanan. Mereka cuma ada semangat nak menang dengan apa cara sekali pun mereka akan buat untuk menang.

Well kita tak boleh expect much from Kelantan don't we??? Mentality people from this Country (Not a state) is a bit mundur and uncivilized. In real life I have seen first hand so many Kelantan men especially, are giving so much problems to their families and their own wives. So sad!!!

Anyhow, tak pe Kelantan menang this time. But we all know how they play and what kind of people they are. I am sure it won't happen again next time.


prebetsabu said...

dwen ujang: i beg to differ with ur opinions.

while its true that kelantan's team played quite aggressive, its dos not reflect they dont have any semangat kesukanan. they have the spirits.. they'll do anything they can to achieve victory, and thats actually a semangat kesukanan. they dont break any laws or rules i reckon ;)

but ur opinions towards rakyat kelantan is a bit harsh. Actually, Kelantan's football team doesnt reflect kelantan's people on average.. hey.. name me those who r kelantanese in that team.. i belive majority of their player is not a kelantan born is it? :D

if u want to talk about people, their attitude and so on, its not fair to pin point to their birth land. even on our newspaper, those criminals and whatnot is not exclusively from kelantan dont they?

sometimes, our words reflect our attitude and our mind.. so go figure with ur comments just now :D

im not backing up kelantan, and me myself was born in selangor, but my wife masviona is indeed a kelantanese. i see no big diff within my state and her's. in selangor also if u go n check the syariah filing, i believe u do can find cases from selangorians, cant u?

theres no other such things as this state is superior than that vice versa, it boils down to the particular individual as well.

i condemn ur views towards others just by labelling from their birth place, dwen ujan.

open up ur mind n see the world in a bigger picture.



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