Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Candid - Avin solat

I caught this pic candidly while Avin by herself put her blanket as sejadah and wrap ke head with her tudung.

It was spontaneously as we were relaxing and watching tv together on bed, suddenly she get off the bed and went to the toilet.

I ask her what she did in the toilet? She said "avin nak solat.. Basuh muka dulu"

So she did was she took the ablution, but just partly, by wahing her face and palms ;)

Then she spread her blanket as her sejadah, with the blanket correctly aligned to the Kiblah.

Quickly after that she grabbed her tudung and ready for solat.

All I can see is her mouth mumblings before she took her 1st takbir. After the takbir, she went straight to sujud ;) hehhehe

After sujud, takbir again while sitting and then doa.

Though she didn't perfectly complete the ablution and solat, but at least we as her parents are very proud and delightful! She's shown her effort all by herself at the age of 4.

After she put her blanket and tudung off, I asked her what was she doing just now and she answered-

"Avin solat lah! Lepas tu Avin doa dapat baby"

Amiinnn ya Allah.

3 Comments Uols:

*Tinie* said...

moga dimakbulkan doa Avin ..Amin.

Masviona said...

thanks dear...insyaallah

Ms.Lilies said...

doa dr sorg anak dan bakal kakak :) aminnnnnnn


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