Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Vow

ye, aku akui, aku tak menepati 100% ngn sajak yg aku bagi pada viona tahun 2002 ni...


aku sentiasa upgrade diri aku...

napa kekadang pompuan ni cakap tak amik peduli risiko disebaliknya?

I vow to be the man
You've always wanted and more,
I vow to never leave you
Or go walking out the door.

I vow to you a love
That's honest, sincere and true
I vow never to cheat
To always be faithful to you.

I vow never to cause you pain
Or lie about how I feel
I vow to always show my love
So you can feel it's real

I vow to make you happy
In every way I can
I vow to be a loving father
And to be that special man

I vow to be the one
To wipe away your tears
To show you the kind of love
That lasts a million years

I vow to try and understand
All you say and do
I vow to be supportive
Whenever you need me to

I vow to give you the things
A woman needs from her man
I vow to make you feel safe and secure
The best way I possibly can

I vow these things to you my 'Angel'
You and only you
I vow to give you a love
That forever will be true!

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